PURE ORGANIX Full Spectrum extra strength hemp extract capsules 1000 mg/30 pcs x 33 mg each- Item #013


PureOrganix veg capsules are full spectrum hemp containing natural compounds such as essential oils, terpenes. May be suitable to help relieve anxiety, pain, decrease inflammation and promote improved sleep. Each veg capsule contains 33 mg of hemp; one bottle contains 30 veg capsules (total 1000 mg hemp). For 19+ only, do not consume while pregnant or breastfeeding and keep away from children. 1-2 capsules daily as needed. Store in a cool dry place. Made in Canada.

Suitable for vegan, vegetarian diets.

Ingredients: full spectrum hemp, organic coconut oil


Pure Organix full spectrum hemp extract capsules deliver a high dose of 33 mg each. These capsules may reduce anxiety, and promote a feeling of calm. They may also reduce inflammation in the body, and reduce pain. Suitable for a vegan diet.

Ingredients: Hemp extract, Organic coconut oil, Vegan capsules.

Store at room temperature. For 19+ only, do not consume while pregnant or breastfeeding. Made in Canada.