Hemp CBD Morning Capsules- 900 mg with CBG and Caffeine, 60 pcs – TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK


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These vegan Morning Capsules give your body everything it needs to get up and go with improved energy, ease of mind and wellbeing. Combining high-potency broad spectrum CBD, CBG, a special time-released caffeine to give you energy throughout the day, antioxidants and a curated mix of focus terpenes plus L-Thyrosine to keep you energized without the jitters or crashing. May relieve general inflammatory conditions, chronic pain, low energy, anxiety, and stress. Non-psychoactive. Store at room temperature. For 19+ only. Do not consume while pregnant or breastfeeding. Dosage: 1 capsule with breakfast.

Contains 60 capsules. Each capsule contains 15mg hemp CBD.

Made in USA. Expires 9/22

Ingredients: Vitamin B3 (Niacin), L-Tyrosine, Rodiola Rosea, Tumeric Curcumin, ZumXR extended release Caffeine, Hemp Terpenes, Astragalus Root Extract, Hemp Extract, CBD, CBG, Rice Flour. Processed in a facility that processes Milk, Soy, Eggs, Nuts, Wheat.