Heart + Bone + Coat + Skin dog biscuits 90mg per bag

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Enriched with 99% pure hemp-derived CBD to optimize your pet’s health. Each treat is baked low and slow to maintain the integrity of the medicinal ingredients. The medicinal ingredients in Vitality include ginseng, gotu kola, chia seeds, and chlorella to holistically encourage your dog’s overall health and vigor. Store in a cool dry place. Administer every 12 hours.

Medicinal ingredients per 1 treat: chia seed (200mg), hemp seed oil (50mg), chlorella (4.2mg), CBD (3mg), gingseng (2mg), gotu kola (2mg)

Ingredients: pumpkin, coconut flour, carrots, chickpea flour, peanut butter, flaxseed, molasses, dried cranberries, cinnamon, vitamin E, MCT oil