FX Calming Tincture 1000 mg CD/CBN -extra strength hemp extract for sleep/relaxation-30ml- Orange box/label- Item #010



Sleep is important for our physical and mental health. If you need help winding down in the evenings, this specialty tincture contains calming ingredients!

This innovative hemp extract oil, that encourages the body to calm down for rest. It binds to adenosine receptors, which can cause a sedating response. The Calming Tincture is a full-spectrum hemp oil, which gives you more hemp plant extract to encourage the “entourage effect” for therapeutic benefits.

Shake well before use. Place 1/2 dropper under tongue (or use dosing guide below) and hold for 1 minute before swallowing

Dosing guide:

Start with 1/4 dropper (0.25) one hour before bed. Increase to max 1 dropper.

Made in the USA. Non-GMO. Cruelty-free and vegan. For 19+ only. Do not use on pets. Do not use if breastfeeding or pregnant. FREE SHIPPING!

Other ingredients: MCT oil, coconut oil, hemp extract CD/CBN, stevia