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When I went to the Canna Relief store in Mississauga I couldn't believe all the wonderful products they sell. The staff is so helpful, and I bought some CBD oil which helps a lot with my anxiety, and to relax. I am happy that I can use this natural medicine and have no unwanted side effects. I can still drive and work and I feel great. Thanks Canna Relief!
- James S.
My epilepsy was not under control when I went to see a consultant at Canna Relief. They guided my through the process of getting a prescription from a doctor, and now I can order cannabis to help my condition. I have now been seizure free for 6 months and my appetite has improved. I use CBD oil in the day because it doesn't make you high but controls the seizures. I haven't felt better in years.
- Darcy N.
I have suffered from chronic pain for years now from an unsuccessful operation. I have found pain relief at Canna Relief in the Sisters of the Valley CBD salve, and also the extra strength CBD oil. I take a few drops in my coffee in the morning and have much less pain all day. I take it again at bedtime for natural relaxation. I wasn't interested in getting products that make me high, so this have been a great solution for me.
- Sonia M.
I visited Canna Relief to get some pain relief for my father who has chronic back pain. I purchased a topical cream which helps him a lot. I also bought some natural hemp seeds, and bars for myself and my family. I will be back.
- Rose B.
I was looking for relief from my depression and anxiety, and the medications the doctor gave me made me feel worse. After speaking with a consultant at Canna Relief, they suggested I try CBD oil. I now take it in the morning and at dinner which helps me relax and feel calm. I feel that this type of natural treatment is better than the pills. Great adult store in Streetsville.
- Sean B.
I would like to thank the staff at Canna Relief for their help. Having this type of alternative medicine has made a world of difference to me! I am now completely off of fentanyl patches, and I am barely taking the Percocet now. I have also lost 25 lbs because I can finally do some badly needed exercise. My pain condition will always be there, but this method of treatment has been far superior than pharmaceuticals.
- Jennifer G.
I have been a frequent user of dispensaries in Toronto for my migraines. It is inconvenient for me to travel to Toronto to get cannabis, and the store are being closed. When I got a consult with Canna Relief Consulting, I just needed my doctor to confirm my medical condition so I could see a doctor who could prescribe medical cannabis to me. I now order online, and get my medication easily delivered to my home by mail. Great service!
- Tamara C.
Before I went to see Canna Relief, I knew nothing about cannabis as medicine. I was provided extensive education and information. In 45 minutes, I became comfortable that this alternative medicine was the right choice for my depression and pain conditions. I didn't know that there were types available that had almost no THC but have high levels of CBD, so there is no “high” feeling. This therapy has changed my life.
- Ingrid P.
Thank you SO much for your services! The rest of process went as you said, faster if anything. CannTrust has provided top notch service and my anxiety and stress levels have never been lower. Thanks beyond measure!
- Michael R.
I cannot say enough good things about this place. The service was excellent. My consultant was professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.
- Teisha J.
I knew nothing about cannabis when I called Canna Relief. It is now my medicine of choice, and I am educated as to all aspects of it. I now feel comfortable that I am doing the best thing for my body, and have stopped taking most of my pain medication.
- Alex M
I have suffered from debilitating migraines since I was a teen. Now that I have a medical cannabis prescription, I can buy safe, legal natural medicine from a licensed grower in Canada. My headaches have been greatly reduced, and I’m feeling better then ever. The strain advice I received from the experts at Canna Relief has made choosing the right kind easy
- Sophia R
Thank you Canna Relief for making really good choices for me, for my medical cannabis. I am doing way more housework and gardening than I have done for years, and I hardly have any pain. I appreciate your help and the time you put in to help me.
- Carole
My experience with Canna Relief Consulting was very professional, informative and worthwhile. I would strongly suggest their services for anyone pursuing alternative medicine.
- Aaron
Very professional. The whole process was well presented and put me at ease. I would highly recommend it to those who need pain relief from a medical ailment.
- Nelson T.
For years I have lived with severe pain from a work accident. The only thing that alleviates my pain and numbness is cannabis. With Canna Relief Canada’s help, I am now able to legally order the medicine that works for me. It was surprisingly quick and easy, and well worth the money.
- Gord W.
After completing this process, and getting my first medical cannabis order, I can honestly say that it was very easy. All my questions were answered in a clear, concise manner. Thanks to Canna Relief for a job well done.
- Erin P.
I was nervous about obtaining medical cannabis for my serious health condition. My consultant made me feel comfortable and helped me with all the paperwork. I am now legal and feeling great. You made it easy for me to finally get my medicine legally.
- John W.
Thank you to your company for being there to help me to understand this process. It was quick and efficient. The doctor I saw was very knowledgeable and compassionate.
I am now legal to use and transport cannabis. Thanks to Canna Relief for providing this much needed service.
- Sylvia M.
I tried to find out the internet how to get legal cannabis for my serious health concerns. Now that I am a member at Canna Relief, I have a resource who made it quick and easy to get legal cannabis.
- Wesley P.
While searching on the internet about how to get medical cannabis for my severe pain from an accident, I was discouraged with all the outdated information. After contacting Canna Relief, I was able to relax while they took care of the details. Thanks again.
- Grant W.

At Canna Relief Consulting Canada Inc. we specialize in connecting qualified patients with legal sources of Medical cannabis in Toronto and Canada such as CBD Oil, and Cannabis Oil. We now also offer CBD products for pets. Contact us today to determine your eligibility! More information on Medical cannabis Toronto can be found by browsing the rest of our site at Contact Canna Relief Consulting Canada Inc. today for more information regarding Medical cannabis in Toronto and how it may help your symptoms.