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When you become a member at Canna Relief Consulting Canada Inc., and you receive your patient license to buy cannabis from a Licensed Canadian Grower, you get access to the best strains of medical cannabis available in North America. This natural medicine is subject to strict testing and inspections from HEALTH CANADA, and is standardized so each time you order, it will the same. You will be able to choose a strain that has been specifically tailored to your health condition. If you wish, you can discuss the strains available with your consultant at your appointment. The best thing about medical cannabis is that you can choose strains in different levels of THC and CBDs. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis and makes people feel high, CBDs are the therapeutic component of cannabis which is not psychoactive. Please check out our FAQ page for more information. When you order medical cannabis, we advise patients with anxiety to order a strain with a level of THC under 15%.

CANNABIS SATIVA: The cannabis harvested from a sativa plant, delivers a more stimulating, uplifting, energizing effect, and can enhance creativity. These benefits can be particularly helpful for the psychological component of many illnesses. Sativas target symptoms above the neck, and are generally better for daytime use. Cannabis sativa has a longer flowering time, and is harder to grow, and therefore harder to acquire, and may be more expensive.


- May reduce depression and anxiety

- May relieve headaches and migraines

- May energize and stimulate

- May reduce awareness of pain

- May increase focus and creativity

- May reduce intra-ocular eye pressure

- May reduce seizures severity and frequency

- May be an anti-convulsant

- May be an anti-spasmodic

Some sativa strains are green kush, island sweet skunk, and pink kush.

CANNABIS INDICA: The cannabis harvested from an indica plant delivers a predominantly physical effect (although the relief of certain physical symptoms can have an emotional result as well). These effects can be characterized as relaxing, sedating, and pain reducing. Indicas target symptoms below the neck. They are generally best before meals, late in the day, or before bed.


- May reduce pain

- May relax muscles

- May relieve spasms

- May stimulate appetite

- May reduce inflammation

- May help as a sleep aid

- May reduce anxiety and stress

- May reduce nausea

- May reduce seizure frequency

- May increase bladder control

Some indica strains are bubba kush, master kush and rockstar.

** Both of these types of medical cannabis come in different levels of THC and CBDs. You will also have access to cannabis which is a HYBRID. Is a mixture of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

These are just examples of a few of the strains available. There are many more available.

At Canna Relief Consulting Canada Inc. we specialize in connecting qualified patients with legal sources of Medical cannabis in Toronto and Canada such as CBD Oil, and Cannabis Oil. We now also offer CBD products for pets. Contact us today to determine your eligibility! More information on Medical cannabis Toronto can be found by browsing the rest of our site at Contact Canna Relief Consulting Canada Inc. today for more information regarding Medical cannabis in Toronto and how it may help your symptoms.