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Become a Member

Membership has its benefits! When you register with Canna Relief Consulting Canada Inc. you get:

  • Education on the safe and effective use of cannabis as medicine.
  • Assistance and submission of all necessary forms.
  • Information about the ACMPR program, and how to legally possess or grow marijuana.
  • If necessary, a booking for a cannabis friendly doctor.
  • Information and priority access with Licenced Canadian Medical Marijuana Producers.
  • Assistance with any future consultations and/or inquiries you may have.
  • Quarterly Newsletter with updated information on the Medical Marijuana program in Canada.

To become a member at CRCC you must go through our process to access legal medical marijuana.

At Canna Relief Consulting Canada Inc. we specialize in connecting qualified patients with legal sources of Medical Marijuana in Toronto and Canada such as Sisters of The Valley products, CBD Oil, and Cannabis Oil. Contact us today to determine your eligibility! More information on Medical Marijuana Toronto can be found by browsing the rest of our site at Contact Canna Relief Consulting Canada Inc. today for more information regarding Medical Marijuana in Toronto and how it may help your symptoms.