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**cannabis is a personal alternative medicinal choice. We cannot guarantee results. The following information is for guidance only.


Medical cannabis Toronto - Conditions 1These devastating diseases and conditions can make a personís world a very uncomfortable and painful place. The pain relieving qualities of cannabis make it a viable treatment for these conditions. It can help manage pain, aid in relaxation, and is an anti-inflammatory. There have been studies that show that cannabis can be used for opioid dose reduction strategies.


Sisters of the Valley Toronto - Conditions 2The effects of radiation and chemotherapy can be debilitating. cannabis can be used as an effective treatment to counteract the negative side effects. It can calm nausea, and stimulate the appetite. It can help alleviate the pain, depression and anxiety associated with treatment.


Medical cannabis Toronto - Conditions 3There has been some evidence that cannabis can be beneficial in being used along with prescription medications to reduce the number of episodes in persons with epilepsy. Strains that are higher in CBDís have been proven to work best.


Medical cannabis Toronto - Conditions 4cannabis is a powerful medicine to help overcome the symptoms associated with the disease. Patients often experience a wasting syndrome, wherein their bodies do not process or assimilate nutrition properly. cannabis stimulates appetite and alleviates pain. This makes it an effective treatment for this disease.


Medical cannabis Toronto - Conditions 5The healing properties of cannabis can help to alleviate the discomfort of GI disorders such as Crohnís, IBS and Ulcerative Colitis. The active ingredients called cannabinoids bind to receptors in the digestive tract, calming spasms, mollifying pain, and improving gastric mobility.


Sisters of the Valley Toronto - Conditions 6These unbearable and long lasting headaches are paralyzing and are often accompanied by muscle tension and nausea. When cannabis is inhaled with a vaporizer, it can quickly alleviate migraine symptoms. Patients can avert the brunt of the migraine headache attack, and minimize both the amplitude of the pain, and the length of its effect by using cannabis at the first sign of an attack


Medical cannabis Toronto - Conditions 7These difficult conditions normally leave patients with impairment or involuntary movement resulting from nerve damage. cannabis is particularly effective in treating spasticity. Movement related medical conditions impact individuals who have suffered strokes, or have MS, Parkinsonís, CP. Cannabinoids possess anti-spasticity, pain relieving, anti-tremor properties.


Medical cannabis Toronto - Conditions 8Traumatic and violent events can leave a person debilitated and scarred for long periods of time. Victims of violent events, or veterans who have seen combat, are both likely to suffer from PTSD. These patients can suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and anger. cannabis can help with sleep, as well as supress the severity of nightmares. It can reduce anxiety and depression by helping patients relax.


Medical cannabis Toronto - Conditions 9Medical cannabis has been recognized as a therapy for the management of glaucoma since the 1970ís. These studies have shown a reduction of 25-30% in intraocular pressure which lasts between 2 and 4 hours. Cannabinoids may also be an effective analgesic for the management of pain resulting from glaucoma.

These are just some of the medical conditions that can effectively be treated with medical cannabis. Please check out our Eligibility page for other qualifying conditions, or call us at 905-286-4420 for more information.

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